Are you ready to become the best version of you?

Claira Cain

Offering hypnotherapy online and face-to-face on the Isle of Man.

Welcome to Haven Hypnotherapy

Are you ready to become the best version of you?

Often people find it difficult to break the cycle of their thoughts and feelings, which can leave them feeling stuck and repeating unwanted habits.

But everyone has the ability to change their life in a meaningful way.


Hypnotherapy can help you reprogram the subconscious blocks that have been holding you back, and can help you think, feel and cope in more positive ways.

All human behaviour comes from the unconscious mind and is driven by our learned beliefs. The good news is that you CAN create the life you want – whatever you learn, you can unlearn. Using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, you can transform the way you think and feel.


What is hypnosis?

Our thoughts, feelings and actions are driven by our subconscious, which can lead us to make choices that aren’t aligned with what we want on a conscious level.

Let’s say you want to stop binge eating or biting your nails, but you might feel like you have no control over this behaviour. That’s because it’s driven by your subconscious mind.

Through clinical hypnosis, we can interrupt the subconscious thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in undesired habits.

Hypnosis is a truly powerful way to help you to let go of deep-rooted patterns of thinking, and it empowers you with the skills and resources to break negative cycles of behaviour and help you take back control of your life.

Would you like to know more?

I offer a free 20-minute initial consultation, either by telephone or via Zoom, to discuss how I can best help you make your desired changes and achieve your goals.

I offer hypnotherapy face-to-face on the Isle of Man and online all over the world.

How I work…


You can visit me for an in person appointment at my therapy room in Peel (Isle of Man), where you are guaranteed a relaxing and safe space away from the distractions of your day to day environment.  


For those who cannot conveniently travel to see me face to face, or prefer to relax in the comfort of their own home, I offer hypnotherapy via Zoom.  All you need is a quiet space, headphones and a stable internet connection.

Flexible hypnotherapy

I realise it is not always possible to make the time during my working day for a full hypnotherapy session, even via Zoom, especially if you have young children at home.  In this instance, we can talk briefly over Zoom, then I will send you a bespoke personalised hypnotherapy recording along with instructions for listening to it in your own time.

You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

C.S. Lewis

Trust your unconscious, it knows more than you do.

Milton H. Erickson

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.

Lao Tzu


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